Metro Map GM副本.png

This is an assignment for Postgraduate certificate program in Design of NSCAD University. The assignment is to introduce oneself by any media. 

The map is an infographic that combined several underground lines in different cities that I ever stay in, to represent the milestones in my life experience, education and working experience, my first impressions by other people and people/philosophies/companies that influenced me. 

This assignment is accompanied with a rich media slideshow to contextualize the keywords on the map.

Metro Map lines-04.jpg

The Red Line is an impression of Singapore North South Line, as Singapore is more developed than Malaysia, it was my “source of reference for modernity” during my study in Malaysia, therefore it is representing my “superego”, the people, philosophies and companies’ design that influenced me. 

Metro Map lines-03.jpg

The Green Line is an impression of Shijiazhuang Metro Line No.3, as a metro line near my my home in China, it is representing “id”, the real life events that shaped me. 

Metro Map lines-05.jpg

The Blue Line is an impression of Kuala Lumpur Ampang Line, as a place for my academic work, this line is representing “ego”, the important works I’ve done; Yellow line is an impression of Kuala Lumpur Mono Rail, unlike the other 3 underground lines, this line is elevated, which is the “view from outside (above the ground)”. It represents my personal traits in other people’s eye.